Mail-order bride is a label applied to a woman who is advertised in catalogs and internet for marriage to men from another - usually more financially developed - country. This label is considered offensive by some definitions.

Mail-order brides traditionally hail from developing countries. The great majority of these women are from Southeast Asia including the Philippines, countries of the former Soviet Union, and to a lesser extent from Latin America. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, large numbers of eastern European women advertised themselves in such a way; primarily being from Russia, Romania, Ukraine and Moldova. Even developed nations like Japan, Canada, and Sweden have large amounts of outgoing mail order brides. In the past, international marriage agencies such as Cherry Blossoms allowed women to sign up to be listed in picture magazines; now the Internet has largely supplanted this method. Nations that often receive mail-order brides are the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Germany, and Australia.


There is nothing new about the concept of arranged marriages. It is as old as the institute of marriage itself. Various cultures around the world, including European, have at one time or another advocated an arrangement marriage. The arrangement is made through direct agreement between parents at children's birth or through the medium of a match-maker.

It is within the last century that the "mail-order bride" became a part of the American lexicon. Settlers were moving west, where traditionally men outnumbered the women in the population. Men would correspond with marriage-minded women "back East," become engaged and either marry their brides by proxy or marry immediately upon the bride's arrival to her new home.

Within the last twenty-five years this practice revived, involving Asian and Latin nations, and with the collapse of the Soviet Empire a new market has opened up to Western men.

Increasingly, western men are turning to marriage agencies or introduction services to find spouses from the former Soviet Union. In an industry that was traditionally dominated by agencies in the Pacific Rim, the new breed of Russian Internet marriage agencies is rapidly expanding and overtaking the market. The hundreds of different agencies on the Internet that focus on women from Russia and other Soviet Republics. The popularity of these companies is due to various factors that include culture and economics.


There is an element of risk for either marriage partner entering in to such union. Both parties are in extremely vulnerable situations. The bride is isolated in a new foreign country, usually unable to speak the language, initially at the mercy of their husbands, and often is more vulnerable to domestic abuse. The groom takes the risk that his new wife is just using him for permanent residency status. The whole concept of mail-order brides raises questions itself. Can two people fall in love enough to marry without ever having met? This case proposes to examine this new player in a very old industry, its impact on this market and the legalities involved.

Mail Order Brides Issues/problems


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Mail order brides issues, and the subsequent problems that follow such marriages. Mail order brides marriages and divorces. Are you one of them, and seeking help or support?

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